Restaurant Accounting: A Step by Step Guide

how to do bookkeeping for a restaurant

Accounting software helps you and your accountant stay on the same page. By connecting seamlessly with your POS, accounting software automates the collection and organization of financial data and transactions. Four-week periods, on the other hand, are always 28 days with four Fridays and four Saturdays. When you’re comparing accounting periods, you want to accurately compare revenue based on times that should be equally as busy. To miskey numbers when you’re entering row upon row of data is also human.

  • This will result in a credit card deposit or deposits hitting your bank account separately for each batch.
  • From an accounting perspective, I think Gusto has one of the best general ledger QuickBooks imports of all the payroll providers.
  • You’ll need an accurate picture of your finances to develop accurate revenue forecasts, define your budget, respond to price fluctuations, and do your taxes.
  • Many restaurant owners now turn to specialized restaurant accounting software to streamline and automate bookkeeping tasks.
  • It includes scheduling, inventory, accounting features, labor, analytics, and custom financial reports.
  • The beginning inventory is the amount of food you have in your kitchens and storage rooms at the beginning of the period.

Depending on your restaurant’s financial situation, you may or may not have a choice when it comes to the accounting method. Certain terminologies are important in understanding what constitutes accounting for restaurants. Not only will you understand the actual accounting process, but you will also know what each process entails. In turn, this will increase your chances financial success and responsibility in your restaurant.

Daily Sales Report

Because of this, they require specific accounting methods and benchmarks that wouldn’t apply to, say, a retail store. Restaurant accountants understand how to compile data accurately and meaningfully. They are trained to analyze your financials to identify operational shortcomings, cost leaks, and trends that require immediate or long-term action. So it’s understandable if ‘the other stuff’ in the business—like accounting and bookkeeping—doesn’t get you as motivated as your big passion. Every restaurant has overhead, or fixed costs of running your business, such as rent, insurance, and equipment rental. This ratio can be calculated on an hourly, daily, or monthly rate, and will give you insight into how much your restaurant costs to run.

Is cashier and bookkeeper same?

Key difference: Cashier is the term used to describe a person who collects cash as part of a business transaction that is purchase/sale of goods and services. Bookkeeper is a term used to describe a person who maintains a written record of every business transaction that is purchase/sale of goods and services.

It’s a good idea to set up an inventory management system that reduces waste and optimizes food cost. This will also help you avoid food surpluses and shortages, and instead strike a more accurate balance. Your POS data allows you to see your financial performance in real-time. For example, you can take a look at your sales-to-labor ratio or determine if sales are hitting industry averages. These financial snapshots give you the opportunity to take action without crunching your own numbers, and give your accountant lots of data to work with. Connecting your accounting software to your POS will automate the collection and organization of transactions and financial data.

f. Gross profit

The Shogo journal entry allows you to reconcile your merchant service deposits so you can ensure you are getting all the money you are due. With Shogo, if there are any errors it will hold back the journal entry until you update the accounting mapping. An example of this would be if you started selling a new item like retail, for example. If you create new items in your POS then Shogo will automatically detect this and email you to update your accounting mapping with the proper QBO category. Once you do this it will then send the journal entry to QBO automatically.

If you’re monitoring these figures on a weekly basis, you can patch any cost leaks without incurring too many damages. Cost of goods sold is a KPI that indicates how well you’re pricing your products and controlling your inventory. CoGS represents the actual cost of food and beverage used to how to do bookkeeping for a restaurant produce your food and beverage sales. By keeping tabs on your CoGS ratio, you can take action to reduce and contain your inventory costs. Your balance sheet also shows your equity, so your net worth; it’s what’s left over at the end of the day when assets are subtracted from liabilities.

Prime Costs

We’re big fans of RASI here at Orderly… they’re a restaurant accounting firm that combines the expertise of professional accountants with cutting-edge technology. If you need accounting help… we definitely recommend the experts at Restaurant Accounting Services, Inc. You’ll be able to manage your food costs in the palm of your hand and never have to deal with invoices again. Eliminate 100% of your paper invoices and put your restaurant food cost management on autopilot with Orderly. Restaurant labor cost, occupancy expenses, and operating expenses are all different categories of restaurant expenses and they’re slightly different from those of other kinds of small businesses.

how to do bookkeeping for a restaurant

Revenue reports display total expected revenue for a period and how the revenue is split between food and drink. You can use revenue reports as a financial projection tool to anticipate how much revenue you’ll generate in the future. While long-term trend analysis is important, you should also pull revenue reports on a daily and weekly basis. It’s one of the biggest pain points for restaurant owners, and perhaps one of the most often overlooked.

Bookkeeping for Restaurants: Important Reports

Restaurant accountants stay on top of inventory, revenue, and costs to make sure the restaurant is turning a profit. If you’re a small restaurant owner, then get in touch with PrixFixe. Our friendly team of experts provide accounting and bookkeeping services, specifically for businesses within the hospitality industry. Setting up your books and then learning which entries go in which accounts is the hardest part of the process.

how to do bookkeeping for a restaurant

The only drawback to Toast payroll is that right now they do not have a QuickBooks integration. While we have been inquiring about it for over a year they have yet to add this functionality. You can then upload your invoices to to allow your accountant to code them properly.

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